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As members of the advertising community, we’re in a unique position to bring awareness to causes that help make our community strong. Each year, we promote local non-profits and help them achieve their goals.

Our local chapter feels it is vital to educate the public about the benefits of effective marketing. In a stride to accomplish this, we provide a pro bono marketing campaign to a worthy non-profit in Colorado Springs. A collaborative team comprised of local companies and individuals produce the entire campaign from strategy, media and client relations to design, production and campaign tracking. Our goal is to triple the investment in marketing by working with community partners for donated space and work. This partnership also acts as a fundraising initiative for AAFCOS so we can continue to bring our members the best education and building opportunities.


We wouldn’t have been able to support our local nonprofits if it wasn’t for the great sponsors listed below,
Thank you so much for your support with AAF.

2017 Clients

2016 Client – Early Connections

Check out this years’ partner, Early Connections Learning Centers.

Early Connections Learning Centers

Mission: Provide high quality, comprehensive early care and education for all children.

Marketing investment:


Donation goal (includes media, creative, planning, client services, production and tracking):


Campaign value:


Results: we will be so excited to update our results at the end of our 2016 campaign.

Also check out the 2012 partnership with Fostering Hope
fostering hope

Fostering Hope

Objectives: Drive awareness of the foster care situation in the Pikes Peak Region. Change perception of the foster parents and the children.

Marketing investment:


Donation goal:


Campaign value:


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