Local Advertising Icons

Mission: to celebrate the individuals who excel in their expertise and have become vital to their team and this industry

Account Planner of the Year

This award recognizes an exceptional account executive, marketing and account planner or client services representative in any setting including in-house and agency setting. This person has outstanding customer service and builds strong relationships with their clients and serve as the glue between their client and the rest of their team to keep people on track and successful. They strive to consistently present strong marketing strategies that aim for success of their client’s goals.


Advertising Vendor of the Year

These partners strive for an exceptional finished product no matter the project or client. They are aware of your bottom line, budget and best interest. If you have a local vendor who you think is deserving of recognition, nominate them today! Vendors can include printers, promotional item reps, screen printers or any other product vendors you have.

Congratulations to Cheryl Armstrong, our 2018 Advertising Vendor of the Year!


Creative Categories

These people are always pushing the creative envelope conceptually in their area of expertise. Nominees are known to always present the “out-of-the-box” concept to the client, no matter the risk. They should also play a key role in consistently pushing the creative industry forward and raising the bar to the next level in our market. The creative categories include:

  • Copywriter of the Year
    Congratulations to Sam Minetti, our 2018 Copywriter of the Year!
  • Designer of the Year
    Congratulations to Noel Dolan our 2018 Designer of the Year!
  • Photographer of the Year
    This category is brand new. Who will be the first to win?
  • Producer of the Year
    Congratulations to Justin Hunt, our 2018 Producer of the Year!


Front-end Developer/Creative Coder

This person works hard to make the client/customer happy and has consistent and clear communication during all phases of development. Their ability to bring user interfaces and user experience to life for their clients and their customers is a priority. This nominee has software skills and technical coding skills. They can provide prototypes, animations, and have skills to create custom functionality for web sites and other applications.

This category is brand new. Who will be the first to win?


Media Strategist of the Year

Building a successful advertising campaign takes careful planning and development. A campaign needs to not only reach the target demographic or desired customer base but also connect with its zeitgeist or defining spirit. Successfully doing so results in a strategy that engages new and current customers, which is why media strategists play such an important role. A highly skilled media strategist can help a business build effective ad strategies that grow its client base.

Congratulations to Spencer McKee, our 2018 Media Strategist of the Year!


Media Sales Person of the Year

This nominee should always bring new opportunities to the table for clients. This person works hard to make the client/customer happy and has consistent and clear communication during all levels of sales partnership. Their customer service is exceptional. The Sales Rep of the Year award was founded to recognize an exceptional media sales rep that makes the media buying partnership easy. Nominate your favorite for our Media Sales Person of the Year award.

Congratulations to Michael Greene, our 2018 Media Sales Person of the Year!


Media General Manager of the Year

This nominee should manage their sales team through positive re-enforcement, energy and offering mentorship among their team. They lead and develop talent through their experience and knowledge. The Station Manager of the year has the ability to communicate in a way that focuses, inspires and engages employees from front management techniques. Nominate a strong Station Manager in our community to celebrate great leadership in advertising.

Congratulations to Jessica Farias, our 2018 Media Station Manager of the Year!


News Writer of the Year

This award is presented to a member of the public relations or journalism fields for their impact on advertising and the community at large through the use of words and effective writing. A strong marketing strategy is not complete with the talent of a strong news writer either through public relations efforts or earned media journalism. If you know a writer that fits these criteria in our market, celebrate their excellent persuasion by nominating.


Next Generation Award

This award celebrates young advertising professionals with unmatched ambition. Rising professionals fuel our industry through fresh and innovative ideas. The Next Generation Award was founded to recognize those outstanding advertising individuals under the age of 40 who are making a significant impact on the industry through their leadership, career achievements and personal qualities, which also inspire others to excel.

Congratulations to Lauren McKenzie our 2018 Next Generation Award winner!


Social Media Maven

Seeking a star of social. From strategy to creative to data analysis, this social media professional makes the Facebook function, tears it up on Twitter and brings the art to Instagram. They create brand voices that sound totally human. They can turn a spreadsheet of content in to the talk of the town. They know their SnapChat from their TikTok.

This category is brand new. Who will be the first to win?


Are we forgetting someone?

We know we aren’t perfect. If we haven’t included a vital cog of the machine in your team, let us know! While we can’t promise we can add another category, we can ensure you that we will bring it forward to our awards committee to either place them in the right spot or make a vote to add their specialty to our icon awards.

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