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Moses RoblesMoses Robles, Founder & CEO,
Oak Interactive, LLC is lead by Moses Robles, former partner at Beyond Interactive, Inc.

Moses has a long track record of success in Interactive Marketing within leading companies such as: Grey Global Group, MediaCom Worldwide, Beyond Interactive and Lopez Negrete Communications. He currently holds the position of Founder & CEO for Oak Interactive, a digital communications agency, which serves to empower the new “on-demand” consumer by providing interactive communications that add value to their online experience. Moses oversees the Digital Agency operations and is responsible for building the necessary infrastructure, allowing for efficient digital planning and execution within: media, creative, reporting and analysis.

Moses’ career began as employee number 5 at Beyond Interactive in 1997. His entrepreneurial spirit allowed him to advance and develop savvy interactive advertising skills which, in turn, earned him Partner status in 1999. He helped the agency grow to over 450 employees and was pivotal in launching the company’s first international operations in Latin America in 2000. Moses led the initiative and was responsible for all Agency operations in Mexico City, São Paulo and Buenos Aires while living in Mexico City.

Moses returned back to the US, in 2001, leaving behind a fully functional Latin America operation. He quickly jumped back into the client services arena and focused his efforts on his new client, Walden University. Over the next 4 years he successfully grew the client into the office’s largest account with the smallest dedicated team. Efficiency, good leadership and a solid interactive background have allowed him to grow with his clients. In 2005, Moses left Beyond Interactive as Partner & Vice President of Account Services.

In 2005, he took on the task of launching a new interactive department at one of the top 5 US Hispanic Ad Agencies in the country, Lopez Negrete Communications.   Within a year the department was established and clients were secured.

The desire to continue being an entrepreneur is what pushed Moses to open Oak Interactive. He is most comfortable being a business owner who cares about the bottom line for its partners and their brands.

His passion for big brand experience combined with the love of media in Latin America allowed Moses to thrive with brands such as Warner Brothers, Dell Computers, Hasbro, Pringles and Volkswagen…all brands he has helped with marketing strategy in multi market scenarios.

Through his 18+ year career in the Interactive space, Moses has been developing and implementing digital strategy & creative for global brands such as: The Houston Museum of Natural Science,, Dell, Microsoft, P&G, Stage Stores, Tyson Foods, Wal-Mart, Walden University, Warner Brothers and more.

Part media maven, part marketing strategist, part creative mastermind, Moses is the complete package when it comes to taking Oak clients’ messages to the World Wide Web and getting big-time results.

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