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    A committee chair will be responsible to reporting to the group the activities of their committee and coordinate non-board meeting meetings to accomplish committee goals.


Goal: To secure desirable publicity and otherwise to promote the prestige and standing of the federation in the community. To be responsible for the federation’s communications including our newsletters. This job covers many areas and requires good delegation and communication. This committee creates and coordinates all press releases, mailers (Including event invites and monthly newsletter), all website related activity, government relations, and social media. It is the committee’s job to formulate and maintain AAFCOS’ branding in all printed material. This committee will work with all other committees and the executive director. Basically, if it has to do with reaching out to our members, this committee is involved.

Public Service

Goal: To bring professional advertising and promotion assistance to civic, charitable and public service projects as approved by the board of directors The focus of public service is to educate non-profits and the community at large about advertising as a powerful tool for bettering the world we live in and give back to our community. Every year, you will pick a local non-profit(s) and through donated time and advertising triple the return on their annual budget while teaching them about the best way to bring attention to their nonprofit and continue promoting themselves after we are gone. People on this committee should be comfortable with discussing advertising budgets and strategy as well as working with local media reps to find ways to generate donated advertising/creative/strategy help for the non-profit.


Goal: To plan and execute programs to educate the public and advertisers on the role and benefits of advertising in our society. Also reaching out to colleges and institutions with young advertisers. Your job is to generate awareness about AAFCOS with local schools and help students engage with our events and professionals. The biggest push is getting students to enter the ADDYs and bringing attention to NSAC.

American Advertising Awards

Goal: To plan, execute and promote a local American Advertising Awards competition including the Silver Medal and Local Advertising Icons The American Advertising Awards’ primary purpose is to recognize creative work made and utilized in the marketplace in the past year. We do this by hosting a professional awards show that is often the biggest fundraiser for AAF. On the committee for American Advertising Awards, you will be the team responsible for putting together this event! The AAA chair has a huge role in the success of our organization as the American Advertising Awards are usually our biggest moneymaker every year. In conjunction with a large financial responsibility, the AAAs are an important reflection of our club since for many of those in attendance this is their only interaction with AAFCOS every year.


Goal: To arrange programs for the federation to promote attendance at functions and meetings. to arrange for all meetings including location and collection of tickets, to be responsible for members, reservations, and tracking attendance at events and meetings. Supervising and promoting social events for the federation. Programs committee is responsible for planning events and setting realistic timelines to prepare for each event, securing speakers and speaker-related arrangements, coordinating with the ED to secure a venue, catering, etc. Coordinating with communications to promote and communicate upcoming events as well as to follow up after each event. American Advertising Awards is not a part of this committee and vice versa.


Goal: To secure additional members, process membership applications, report membership statistics, and present new members to the federation.” The main focus of this committee is to recruit, maintain and involve our members. Some of the responsibilities of the committee include formulating and maintaining new membership booklets/pamphlets, one on one contact with potential members, phone calls/invitations to poorly attended members, greeters at every function, writing and conducting member surveys, and encouraging current members to become more involved with the committee. Membership can also coordinate with other committees to help out, e.g. having communications assist with reaching out to members with things like surveys or working with programs to figure out ways to promote membership at events.


Goal: To form additional sources of revenue for AAFCOS on top of encouraging members to support the club. This committee will be contacting individuals as well as companies to sponsor specific events and or become yearlong sponsors. This committee requires a good deal of organizing and planning in how we can communicate the benefits of sponsoring AAF as well as a positive and outgoing attitude. You will be working closely with members to learn about who is active in our organization and to create potential leads for companies and individuals interested in sponsoring AAF.

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